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IOWA CITY, Iowa – In Iowa we have a saying: if you build it, they will come.

Our Eastside community chose to build it. Together, we made an investment in our future by prioritizing the wellness of our young people. Thanks to the true generosity and support of our community, the 2023 school year opened with the launch of the Stronger Together fundraiser’s flagship initiative, a fitness center befitting “The School That Leads.”

Even as work continues to bring our full vision to life, we are proud to share this look at the newly completed weight room at City High. Along with the cardio, nutrition, mental health, dance and cheer components of the Stronger Together fundraiser, this space positions our Little Hawks to lead in their endeavors and grow into the healthiest versions of themselves.

Its been our privilege to watch a culture of fitness permeate throughout our school… and to see the historic “Old Gym” reborn as a vital artery of our building.

No institution serves its community more holistically than public schools. In the times we live in, it has never mattered more to support the complete wellness of our students. Iowa is a place to grow, and we are The School That Leads.

City High Football thanks you for once again setting “The Standard.”

The video below is brought to you by Dynamic, our weight room supplier. As with everything they produce, it is made with incredible detail, care and craftsmanship.

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