City High Football Videography Team

IOWA CITY, Iowa โ€“ In an effort to maximize social media presence and video board technology, City High Football has assembled a videography unit for the 2023 fall season.

The Little Hawks have generated significant interest from local sports videographers, due not only to team success, but also the incredible Friday night environment at Bates Field. Thank you for helping create a special atmosphere in Iowa high school sports!

This new team has a centralized workflow and video-sharing system, as well as a unified creative vision. Each member of the crew brings different equipment tools and a unique voice, and also has complete access to the program’s drone and footage capture systems. By combining these resources, we believe you will notice another leap forward in the volume and quality of our video production this season.

Our goal: produce both short and long form content to promote and document a special season at The School That Leads.

Both creative and scout team video play vital roles within our program. We operate on the cutting edge in our area, thanks to investments in equipment and personnel, as well as volunteer services.

If you would like to get involved or learn more about how you can support our efforts, please reach out to Coach Moore or Jack Bacon (

Meet the Crew:

Sam Lund

Sam Lund is a sports content videographer based in the Iowa City area. He owns and operates “OSL Productions” and worked extensively to create video content for various City High programs last year. His tremendous work for City High Football returns this season, leading the way on numerous projects, including our pre-game hype videos. Instagram: @officialsamlund

Jack Bacon

Jack Bacon is a City High alumnus who helps guide our public relations efforts. Jack has assisted extensively with video each of the past two seasons, and also directs our social media and helps run He also assists with other sports, most notably boys track and field. Jack works in communications for University of Iowa Athletics.

A.J. Reisetter

A.J. Reisetter covers sports for DITV. He began assisting City High with sports videography last spring, promoting the girls track and field team. His work was impressive and contributed to the top track and field video output in the state, across both Little Hawk teams. One of his assignments this season will be creating game recap videos each week. Now, you will never miss a highlight. Instagram: @aj.reisetter

Henry Olson

Henry is a current student at City High. His work with both creative and scout video are invaluable to our program, and we are so grateful to have him back this season.

If you are a student who would like to get involved in sports videography at City High, you may reach out to A.D. Phil Lala, Coach Moore or Jack Bacon ( In addition, we strongly recommend participating in journalism class. We rely on great coverage from The Little Hawk student newspaper, which has a fantastic video department of its own!

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