Owen Aanestad Hosts Photo Shoot

IOWA CITY, Iowa โ€“ Last week, City High Football hosted its first media shoot of the season with local photographer and graphic designer Owen Aanestad.

Aanestad is a college-sports professional currently working for University of Iowa Athletics. Aanestad will use the photos to build graphics and other creative content for the Little Hawks this fall.

Future photo and video shoots still lie ahead for football team members. Communicate with coaches and follow the Calendar page for more information as it becomes available.

Save photos for free at the Google Drive link below (requires Gmail account, allows mass download) or via Snug Mug (view and save from this third-party site). See a preview below or on the Photos page at littlehawkfb.org.

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College-sports creative @owenaanestad stopped by for our first shoot of the season.

Photos and much more to comeโ€ฆ

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After a great conversation with @coachricknelson Iโ€™m proud to announce my 4th D1 offer to @UNIFootball !
@mooremt09 @CityHighFB

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#iahsfb x #TheSTANDARD

After a great conversation with @CoachMeyersSDSU Iโ€™m excited to announce Iโ€™ve received my first D1 opportunity to play football at South Dakota State University! @GoJacksFB @mooremt09 @EliotClough @CityHighFB

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