Voldie Maurice

June 25, 2023

Trey Dervrich

About Me: "Hello! As you already know, I am Trey. The biggest trait/take away from athletics is that, in order to become a complete and total athlete, you must excel off the field. Athletics and competition are a direct translation of life. If you settle with only a D in a class, every 2/5 plays...
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Support our incredible Band program! If youโ€™ve been to a Friday night football game or a basketball game with the pep band, you know they help provide a great environment at our events.

An Iowa City High graduate, an Iowa City West graduate and an Iowa City Regina graduate all made the list. That's pretty cool.

Your Prep Sports Week 5 Game of the Week: Cedar Rapids Kennedy at City High https://yourprepsports.com/2023/09/22/your-prep-sports-week-5-game-of-the-week-cedar-rapids-kennedy-at-city-high/

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