Weight Room Sneak Peek

IOWA CITY, Iowa โ€“ On June 29, City High Athletics shared the first photos of the new weight room inside the Larry Brown Fitness Center. The space reimagines the “Old Gym” as part of the Stronger Together fundraising initiative, which will also bring a new mental health space, nutrition station, dance studio and cardio room to The School That Leads.

A stated goal of the project was to create the finest high school weight room in the state of Iowa. Through partnership with manufacturer and installer Dynamic Fitness and Strength, the Eastside community delivered just that.

Certain “dumbbells and whistles” are still on the way, but the space is already being put to use this summer by Little Hawk athletes.

The expansive, one-of-a-kind setting hosts a 35-yard turf strip, two state of the art “power plates,” monkey bars, sleds, clip-on bands and numerous other attachments and amenities. Perhaps two things most set the room apart: top-to-bottom Little Hawk customization and a bottomless tool chest for exercise modification and specialization.

A fuller look will be made available when the project is completed. For now, here is a preview:

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College-sports creative @owenaanestad stopped by for our first shoot of the season.

Photos and much more to comeโ€ฆ

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After a great conversation with @CoachMeyersSDSU Iโ€™m excited to announce Iโ€™ve received my first D1 opportunity to play football at South Dakota State University! @GoJacksFB @mooremt09 @EliotClough @CityHighFB

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